Various Publishing Services Available to the First-Time Author

There are a variety of self-publishers out there, all with varying fee structures and packages. Some have what appear to be very low costs but take a large percentage of royalties, while others require a very high up-front investment and a lower percentage of royalties. Whichever path looks right for you, be sure to have clarity as to exactly what is included in the services your are purchasing. Many so called self-publishers will hook the unsuspecting author in with apparently low costs to get started, only to later spring the news on the author that editing or some other service the author thought he/she had purchased is needed and will cost a large additional fee. Another item to be wary of is the publishing company that holds hostage the work they perform for you. One very unscrupulous company out there has language hidden in their contract whereby the unsuspecting author is required to pay an additional fee of over $1000 in order to obtain digital files of their own book! These unfortunate authors usually learn this upon trying to part ways with the publisher and move to another publisher (because of the horrible experience they had with the first publisher)- a last and final insult added to injury. Thus it is critical that you are contractually assured the rights to not only your book but to any materials prepared by your publisher that are related to your book (high-resolution PDF page files for publishing, cover art, etc.). Publishers like this try to “low ball” you initially with an appealing fee to get started, but then they will gouge you down the road with add-on fees and by holding your work hostage.

Also be wary of low fee structures that brag about the low cost that the publisher  will extend to you when you order copies of your own book from the publisher. These publishers are not really publishers at all, but rather they are printers masquerading as publishers. A real publisher, like Page Publishing of New York City,  does not own a printing facility and has no interest in printing books and selling them back to the author. A real publisher’s only interest is in selling the author’s book to the public at large, for the benefit of the author and the publisher. Don’t be fooled by a printer in disguise who holds themselves out as a “publisher” and advises you to buy large quantities of your own book so that you can sell them at book signings, church groups, flea markets, etc. The whole point of being a published author and working with a publishing house- aside form the pride that goes along with it- is for you to not have to engage in actually selling your book yourself- that is the publisher’s job!



Page Publishing author Mitzi Libsohn and daughter Pauli Libsohn receive widespread media praise

Immortal Kisses, by Page Publishing author Mitzi Libsohn has received widespread media attention. From a cover story in Newdsay, to features in the Locust Valley Leader, the Queens Courier, the Great Neck Record, the Port Washington News, the Roslyn News, the Manhasset News, the Osyter Bay Enterprise, the Great Neck News and congratulatory letters from New York State Assembly Member Michelle Schimel and ABC News/Good Mornng America co-anchor Robin Roberts, the coverage has been filled with nothing but praise- a fitting honor and testament to the the memory of poet Mitzi Libsohn. Immortal Kisses can be purchased everywhere books are sold.

Page Publishing Pauli Libsohn

Pauli Libsohn, daughter of poet Mitzi Libsohn, is responsible for the posthumous publication of Mitzis poems.

Page Publishing author Kevin Grose has successful books signing event during the Sundance Film Festival

Page Publishing author of the gritty and realistic autobiography Dope, Kevin Grose, held a successful book signing in Park City Utah, during the Sundance Film Festival. Amy Goodman, a frequent guest on HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher and the executive producer and host of Democracy Now stopped in at the event and praised the book. Click here to purchase Dope at your favorite bookseller.

Paging author Kevin Grose

Grose with Amy Goodman

Nick Pileggi, author of the prolific “Goodfellas” movie applauds Page Publishing author Nick Rondi

                                                                                              page publishing author Nick Rondi


  “…there is enough of a love story stirred into the plot to make a great movie.—Can’t wait.”   Nick Pileggi- author of “Wiseguys” and “Goodfellas” screenplay writer

Page publishing authors Pellegrino, Rondi and Alex

From left to right: Pellegrino, Rondi, Alex


Nick Rondi, along with his contributing writers Cary Alex and Frank Pellegrino received top praise from one of the greatest crime writers of our time- Nick Pillegi. Says Pileggi- T”he Nappers is a saga about an East Harlem, New York, gangster who comes up with a lucrative, if dangerous idea of kidnapping his fellow gangsters. It is also the story about the collapse of the mob, which turns out to have been caused more by Urban Renewal than the FBI. And there is also enough of a love story stirred into the plot to make a great movie.—Can’t wait.”  

Rondi and Pellegrino are both natives of the East Harlem, NYC neighborhood that provides the backdrop for “The Nappers” and Alex is a Brooklyn native. Pellegrino is most recognizable for his many motion picture and television roles, including parts in “Goodfellas” and a recurring role on the hit HBO series “The Sopranos.” The Nappers can be purchased wherever books are sold, or by clicking here.

Page Publishing proudly releases “That’s Muhammad Ali’s Brother: Life on the Undercard”

Page Publishing author Rahaman Ali book cover

Along with his co-author Ron Brashear, Rahaman Ali (the brother and former sparring partner of Muhammad Ali) released their new book That’s Muhammad Ali’s Brother: My Life on the Undercard” last week.  The book will be permanently featured in the Muhammad Ali museum, and a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the museum.  Read more about this featured Page Publishing author including an article in the Wall Street Journal.


Page publishing Rahaman Ali book cover

Page Publishing author Rahaman Ali and his new book That’s Muhammad Ali’s Brother- My Life on the Undercard”