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Page Publishing author Pauli Libsohn featured on WPIX News in NYC

Immortal Kisses” by Page Publishing author Mitzi Libsohn was prominently featured on WPIX News New York on Friday December 4th, 2015. The author’s daughter- Pauli Rose Libsohn- published the work on her mother’s Mitzi’s behalf and has been relentlessly promoting the work since its publication in September of 2014. This recent news feature  is in addition to the dozens of newspaper and magazine articles that previously featured the book,  Click here to see the story as it aired.



Page Publishing author Rahaman Ali- brother of Muhammad Ali- gets approving nod from boxing legend Mike Tyson

Rahaman Ali and Ron Brashear’s book, That’s Muhammad Ali’s Brother! – My Life on the Undercard, received approval and recommendation from one of the greatest boxers to ever enter the ring, Mike Tyson! Tyson kindly shared information about the Ali book with his 4 million followers on Facebook, generating even further publicity for and buzz about the book.

Congratulations to Page Publishing authors Rahaman and Ron for catching the eye of Iron Mike Tyson! Like and share the post by following this link to Mike Tyson’s Facebook Page.

Page Publishing Mike Tyson