Should I make my book available in both ePub and physical editions?

This is a common question asked by new authors- should I publish my book in only ePub format or should I go the extra mile and publish a print edition as well? The answer is most definitely that you should print both editions if possible. While it is true that roughly 50% of all books sales now take place in digital format (i.e. downloaded to iPads, Nooks, Kindles, etc.) and this is an astounding number, it still means that the other 50% of all book sales take place in the print realm. Why would anyone knowingly forsake 50% of their potential client base? Some authors do because they are so persuaded by cheap-and-easy publishers who do not have the ability to distribute book sin print, and thus they urge the simpler (and cheaper) route of ePub only distribution.

A true full-service publisher, like Page Publishing of New York City, ¬†will have an established print distribution network, and should be an authorized/approved publisher with Ingram or Baker & Taylor (the two leading book wholesalers in the United States). Don’t be fooled into accepting print distribution through Amazon alone. Amazon is great and they move a large number of print books- probably more so than retail book stores- book you still need retail books store distribution as well. Remember- your book deserves as much exposure and distribution as possible. Demand it all!

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