What type of revenue should I expect from an ePub sale?

As of today, ePub sales (digital versions of a book for devices like the Apple iPad, Amazon Kindle or the B&N Nook) account for greater than 50% of all book sales. These are generally accepted industry statistics and are verified by the sales results at Page Publishing. While this may not be great for people in the printing industry, it is great for authors. If you recall, the royalty/fee split to authors and publishers when a print edition is sold through Ingram is very minimal- a dollar or two at the most. This is because Ingram will only distribute books if the author/publisher sells them to Ingram at a 55% discount off of the retail price. This means that a $20 book will generate only $9 in revenue from Ingram. After deducting the print costs, only five or six dollars remain.

For eBooks on the other hand, it is a much different story. The largest sellers of eBooks- Amazon and Apple- take only a 30% commission from the sale and leave the entire remainder for the author/publisher. Thus, a $20 eBook sale results in $14 in profit! It is thus easy to see why authors and publishers love eBook sales.

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